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    Early College Academy at Career Enrichment Center
    Creative Problem-solving
    Comprehensive Thinking
    Structural Acrobatics

The original 36,000 SF building was designed in 1974. This facility underwent small classroom and interior renovations in 2004 and 2008. In 2014 the facility received a new, 2-story, addition that grew the facility by 20,300 SF. Our design team was tasked with a renovation and modernization which included another classroom addition. Through thoughtful site, program, and structural investigations, the solution straddles the existing 1974 single-story classroom building along the low roof line; integrating new vertical and horizontal circulation; and articulating new structural and building systems to coordinate seamlessly with the building(s) alongside and below.


The design aesthetically unites the existing formal division between the original building (1974) and the previous addition (2014). The massing echoes the canted architectural language of the 2014 addition, while pushing the structural systems outboard, exposing them to view from the exterior. On the interior, the spaces blend seamlessly, creating the perception of a holistically conceived, single-phase building.

Project Gallery

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