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    Reginald Chavez Elementary School
    Foundational Concept
    The Tree

Reginald Chavez Elementary School, nestled among the cottonwoods on the fringe of the bosque, Albuquerque’s urban forest, was constructed in the 1950’s and is commonly referred to as the "Bosque” school.

Trees are incredibly significant to the identity of this place and community. We embraced the idea of the TREE as a foundational design element throughout the project, highlighted by the use of natural materials and by a color palette inspired by the seasonal leaves of the bosque. 

Through careful planning, all but two of the trees on site were preserved in the design of the addition. The removed trees were incorporated into the building's design as sculptural installations in the facility's interior, and as a perforated image on the corten steel façade of the Library.

The school’s children love the trees and appreciate the character they add to the school. The design creates a fun and unique learning environment.

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